Friday, 28 March 2014

Springtime for the Tories

Last week`s budget begs the question, have the Tories reached their "Springtime for Hitler " moment? In the film, "The Producers", a musical was deliberately produced to be so appallingly bad, it would be a box-office flop, unpopular with almost everyone, but of course its awfulness proved  a huge hit with theatre-goers. The Tories seem to have realised that the more biased their proposals are, the more they ignore the poverty and inequality in our society, the more they reduce further the life chances of our young people, and instead pass legislation which benefits their supporters in the City, and probable voters in the election, the more the electorate appears to like it.The ComRes poll showing Labour`s lead declining, even after Osborne`s budget, and Cameron`s pledge to shrink the state back to 1948 levels, beggars belief. Not content with patronising ordinary people with the penny off a pint and bingo tax reduction, Osborne and co. then sent out the deeply insulting poster about giving the plebs what "they" want. Talk about a Marie Antoinette moment! Truth is they`re taking the mick, they have to be. Making tax avoiders smell the coffee? Oh please,  with more cuts at HMRC, 17% jobs going in its specialist personal tax division, I don`t think so.
     The more ridiculous Tory proposals get, the more support for them grows. Billions worth of more cuts to come, local government to collapse probably for lack of funding, more zero-hour contracts, more NHS sell-offs, more academies closed, the number of  food banks to double.The election`s as good as over, it really is "springtime" for the Tories!

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