Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Taking scandals "incredibly seriously"

Michael Gove may argue that the recent expenses scandal and the blatant failure of MPs` attempted self-regulation with their standards committee have made it essential for "the political class as a whole to reflect", and that these disclosures act as a "warning to take these issues incredibly seriously", but the truth is they will have little effect. Politicians may claim the usual soul-searching and the need for reform and complete overhaul, and such like, but it`s been heard so often, few will listen, let alone believe. Whilst the public`s distaste for bankers also grows unabated with every new scam, this concern is largely ignored; how else, following Miller`s resignation, can the promotions of a former Deutsche Bank director and a former director of the investment bank BZW be explained?  A government so in cahoots with the City, and seemingly in denial of the wishes of most of the people it represents, is bound to suffer huge electoral setbacks, inevitably starting with the European elections next month. An Opposition so cautious, when there is real need and demand for fundamental change and transformation, will suffer similarly. No doubt the success of Ukip,with 34% in the polls last weekend, and likely to be higher now, will be viewed as another "warning" to be taken "incredibly seriously", and the Today programme will echo to the sound of politicians from the main parties emphasising their responses to this "wake-up call"?
    Economic hardship for the majority, increasing inequality with obscene wealth for a small percentage at the top, and a political class obsessed with self-aggrandisement, led by a PM who acts "like the shop-steward of a hated Westminster club", are the harbingers, as history shows us, for change. Miliband can win the election with radical proposals, and gain a mandate for a new society, based on fairness and reducing inequality. A pledge that all Labour candidates will make their tax records public before May 2015 would be one way to convince the electorate of his resolve, and simultaneously throw down the transparency gauntlet to the Tories!

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