Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Compassionate conservatism? Oh please!

Why is Rafael Behr being so lenient in his criticism of the Tory government (Wanted: Tory moderates brave enough to halt their party`s lurch to the right,27/05/15)? Cutting £12bn out of welfare spending, "with a disproportionate impact on the low-paid and disabled", will not "look vindictive", it will be vindictive! This nonsense about "one-nation conservatism" is simply the product of the Tory propaganda machine, as is Osborne`s harping on about "northern powerhouses"; after five years of reducing grants to Labour-held cities and towns north of Watford, and developing plans for high-speed railways and another runway for London, both designed to increase the wealth of the capital and its hinterland, can anyone realistically expect "compassionate conservatism" to suddenly emerge, especially when the "hard right is calling the shots"?
    Just because Michael Gove last March, obviously in a panic over supposed impending election meltdown, called on fellow Conservatives to "stand as warriors of the dispossessed", doesn`t mean anyone will forget his own lack of "true compassion". Within weeks of becoming Education Secretary in 2010, for example, he curtailed the aspirations of thousands of would-be sixth form students with his ending of the Educational Maintenance Allowance.

     Tory confidence after the last election, with a cobbled-together coalition, led them to impose savage cuts whilst reducing taxes for the very rich; if, with a majority government, their "hubris is now through the roof", heaven help us after the "emergency" budget in July!

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