Saturday, 12 September 2015

Blairite Broadcasting Corporation

Obviously the Panorama programme on the Blairite Broadcasting Corporation`s main channel was aired too late to feature in the Tuesday edition of the Morning Star, as a damning review of it would surely have been published. It was a diabololical production in so many ways that criticism of it is bound to take many strands, including bias, content, message and production.
  It was biased against Corbyn the man, his career, and his policies. It seemed to suggest that, because he doesn`t wear the politicians` usual attire of dark suit and tie, he must not be taken seriously; riding a bicycle through the streets of London is clearly for eccentrics only.
 His policies, mainly his strange tendency to prefer peace to war, and diplomacy to military action, were seen only from the perspective of being "friends with terrorists", rather than from that of a politician intent on exploring every avenue available, before taking the last resort.
      The message was clear; Corbyn is not only unelectable in 2020, he must not be voted for in the remaining few days available. His election would end the right-wing Blairite dominance of the party, and that would be a bad thing! His support for industrial action against the anti-union legislation would be somehow undemocratic, and having support from unions, and millions of trade unionists, is clearly something to be viewed with distaste, especially by those so-called Labour supporters suppering in the restaurants of Notting Hill.
        As for production, it simply set out to portray Corbyn as a a politician who will be the ruination of the economy, the country, and people`s lives in general. There was no mention of how he aims to help small businesses, set up a National Bank, stop the selling of state-owned banks, and generally make lives better for the vast majority of people, by decreasing inequality, and increasing social mobility. The NHS, which Corbyn supports wholeheartedly, of course, was a no-go area for the programme. The idea that billions could be raised from attacking the "industry" that is tax avoidance was lampooned, by none other than that huge supporter of the Blairite policy of  " relaxing intensely" about the filthy rich, David Blunkett. The programme focussed, too, on Corbyn`s relationship with Len McCluskey, another anti-establishment figure, but rather than interviewing the union leader about policies, it showed, twice, a section from a speech where he called Osborne a "Tory bastard". It even ended with Corbyn on a platform with supporters singing the Red Flag, desperately trying to indoctrinate viewers by connecting him with revolution.
     Basically, the programme was disgraceful, one-sided, with only the very prejudiced view of the Blairites given. Had it been the product of Fox news it could not have portrayed Corbyn in a worse light, nor patronised the viewers in a more shameful way. How dare the BBC insult television licence payers like this? How dare Blairites claim to be the upholders of social democracy when they do their utmost to undermine the democratic process in this way?


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