Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Corbyn`s new approach to PMQs

The "calm and collected" approach by Corbyn at PMQs certainly has Cameron "floundering" and long may it continue (Morning Star,15/10/15).
       The originator of "One Nation" Conservatism, Disraeli, appealed to workers in 1875, with his Conspiracy and Protection of Property Act, which gave back unions powers they had lost under Gladstone, and which made strike success more likely by allowing peaceful picketing. Perhaps Corbyn could use this fact at next week`s PMQs, stressing the irony of the situation with the Tories` current claims to be the party of the working people, whilst attempting to, as Frances O`Grady recently said, "to cut Britain`s unions off at the knees" (Morning Star,15/09/15)? He could also stress how Germany`s policy of co-determination, with union representatives on the boards of large companies, has both helped boost the German economy, and prevent runaway inequality.

    Corbyn`s "new approach" to PMQs, attempting to reduce its "theatrical" elements, has started brilliantly, and further, simple improvements can materialise, especially if Corbyn`s team check the questions from his backbenchers beforehand, to ensure there is neither repetition nor overlap; no more easy rides for Cameron! Leave the "jack-in-the-box" antics to the Tories, as remaining seated unless asking a question can add much needed decorum, and decrease the impression of an out-of-control classroom, at least on one side of the House! A question about the wisdom of cutting staff at HMRC whilst pretending to be concerned about the "moral repugnance" that is tax avoidance could be followed by letting Cameron know the Opposition hasn`t forgotten his promise to reveal the tax details of his front-bench, even though it was back in 2012. Causing the prime minister considerable and deserved embarrassment should not be too difficult for Corbyn; after all, there is much to be embarrassed about!

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