Friday, 18 March 2016

NS letter on Brexit`s chances

The "debate over British membership of the EU" has, indeed, been "dismal", as your Leader rightly stated, but just because team Brexit cannot respond to simple "leap in the dark" accusations does not mean they cannot secure victory in June (In defence of Project Fear,11th March, 2016). Losing arguments but winning elections is hardly a new phenomenon; how many people thought the Tory proposal about shrinking the state back to levels last seen in the 1930s a vote - winner? 
Far too much credence, yet again, despite the lessons which should have been learned from last May, is being given to the polls, and nowhere near enough to the distinct possibility that the electorate will view the referendum as a chance to protest against the government. Commentators all too frequently forget that the Tories gained their overall majority with a "narrow subsection of the public around their flag", a mere 24% of the electorate's support. The reasons the left have given for staying in Europe are valid but not being given enough publicity, and the arrogance of Cameron and Osborne has certainly not abated since the general election. The immigration question is being avoided, and the referendum could be the opportunity for which the "shy" Ukip element has been waiting.

 In such circumstances, a reliance on Johnson`s "affected affability" rather than a focus on the "central arguments" might be all that is needed; the Remain campaign could soon find that the real "onus" is on them!

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