Saturday, 21 May 2016

Best year for rock?

Bob Stanley criticises David Hepworth`s "lack of objectivity", but his review fails to offer any alternative to the view that 1971 was a "high-water mark for rock" (Review: 1971 - Never a Dull Moment: Rock`s Golden Year, 14/05/16). How a year which saw albums such as Who`s Next, Aqualung and Led Zeppelin IV can be deemed superior to 1966 beggars belief. The year of the Beatles` Revolver, Beach Boys` Pet Sounds, Dylan`s Blonde on Blonde, and the Stones` Aftermath has to be "the best year in the history of recording". The year also saw the emergence, not only of Paul Simon and Van Morrison as brilliant songwriters,(Sound of Silence and Them Again), but of hard rock with the supergroup Cream (Fresh Cream), early psychedelia (The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators, and live albums ( Stones` Got Live If You Want It). If you want to "dip into the backwaters", look no further than Love`s Da Capo, the Who`s A Quick One and the Animals` Animalisms.
      Hepworth is allowed his opinions, but a review of his work omits comparison with 1966 at its peril!

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