Monday, 13 February 2017

Northern powerhouse? As if!

How generous of government ministers to promise to make the Government Art Collection "more accessible" (Government framework: vast art collection to go on public display, 10/02/17). With only "a limited number of works" currently viewable, Labour`s previous calls for the collection to be open to the public were well-founded.
     The problem is, however, that the "display place" for the artworks will be in London. Ken Clarke recently acknowledged that there is huge anger in the country, because of the wealth centred on London and the south-east, yet when there is an opportunity to put meat on the bones of the so-called "northern powerhouse", it is shunned. How easy it would be for the government to house the display in an existing gallery or museum north of Birmingham, or even better, build a new one. Hasn`t London got enough attractions and government investment already?

     It just proves the point that the idea of a "northern powerhouse" was simply an election wheeze, dreamt up by Osborne, who never thought the Tories would win outright, and that they might actually be expected to put their money where their mouths are.

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