Thursday, 11 January 2018

Time for Barber to face the music

Toby Young may have gone, but why should the OfS chair, Sir Michael Barber, get off so lightly (Cut adrift by other regulators, it was not worth fighting on,10/01/18)? After all, the OfS  "candidates had been vetted by a panel" led by him, and Young`s application approved despite his controversial, and often obnoxious, comments and articles, and his lack of academic experience, as required in the job specification. "Having to face MPs on camera" might well be a "nightmare" for Barber, but the chair of the select committee on education, Robert Halfon, has a public duty now to summon him to answer questions, and attempt a justification for his 
    Things did, indeed, "go badly wrong", and Young`s withdrawal will do little to restore faith in this university regulator, which increasingly looks like yet another Tory talking-shop!

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