Sunday, 15 June 2014

Miliband`s advisers and the Sun

The Morning Star`s editorial was absolutely correct to say that Miliband`s half-hearted apology for posing with a copy of the Sun newspaper could not "disguise the stupidity of the stunt".(Star comment,14/06/14) It does beg two questions, however. Does the Labour leader not discuss his day`s itinerary with his advisers, and if he does, why does he bother, as either the advice can only be described as appalling, or he doesn`t listen. Why no sackings after all the recent blunders?
     The second question is more serious: why is Labour still pandering to the Sun , a right-wing journal steeped in sexist and anti-immigrant bigotry? Miliband has been hemorrhaging votes to Ukip because his policies have been so moderate and too similar to those of the coalition. He cle├árly needs to adopt more radical policies, like re-nationalisation of railways, a progressive income tax, a living wage for all, and strict regulation of the banks to regain the trust of the working people. The Sun will brand him "red Ed" and such nonsense, no matter what, so the cosying-up to the Murdoch parasites needs to stop forthwith, and the radicalisation of the policies of the Labour party begin. The Sun likes to brand itself as the paper of the people. Miliband should put everyone straight about that!

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