Saturday, 7 June 2014

Tories` brass neck and Labour`s malaise

Well done, Dennis Skinner, but what was less amusing about the "Coalition`s last stand" was what was omitted from the Queen`s speech.How Cameron and his 5p bagman, Clegg, have the nerve to say that "countries rise when their people rise" and that the speech was "unashamedly pro-work" beggars belief. The coalition policies have ensured, with income tax reductions and the continuance of tax avoidance, that the only people to "rise" are the top one per cent; the majority have seen no rise in their standard of living. As for being "pro-work", they must mean zero-hours contracts! Nothing in the speech about the NHS, reducing inequality, or increasing regulation in the City. Doesn`t the country urgently require reform of the private rental sector and millions of new homes?
 Cameron and Clegg have the brass neck to say that "no one can deny the progress we have made". Do they want a bet on that? But would Labour argue the point?
        John Harris in the Guardian, is worryingly correct about so many of Labour`s  problems, particularly those related to "normal English". (Sounding strange is a sign of Labour`s terminal malaise,03/06/14) He is absolutely correct, too, in his description of the Tories, who are  "confident enough to voice their ideas with that bit more clarity and oomph". Nowhere is that more clearly shown in the reaction to the EU`s criticism of the government regarding the housing boom.With the EU`s executive body urging them to reform the council tax system, build more houses, change the Help to Buy scheme, and to bring more people into paying tax, what was the response? "The European commission continues to support the UK`s government strategy"! No embarrassment, just extreme arrogance and disingenuity. Are you watching, Labour?

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