Sunday, 7 September 2014

Guardian Review letter re Beatles

I was going to write to complain about an otherwise excellent and informative article about the Phil Spector song, "To know her is to love her", because of its omission of any mention of the version by the Beatles.(The spectre of Spector,30/08/14) With Lennon taking the lead vocals, their recording from a radio programme called "Pop go the Beatles" in July 1963, appeared on the "Live at the BBC" album. Why George Martin did not insist on them recording the song for one of their studio albums remains one of popular music`s greatest mysteries.
 The article did not even refer to the version recorded on the 1897 "Trio" album; with Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt in the background, the wonderful voice of Emmy Lou Harris took the listener to "a different country" too. 
The I turned the page and read Owen Jones`s article describing how "socialism does exist - but only for the rich", and realised there were far more important issues about which to complain! (Who are the real scroungers?,30/08/14)


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