Saturday, 6 September 2014

M.Star letter on Education Secretary

Your article on the NUT`s justifiable attacks on the Education Secretary was revealing in a number of ways. (Morning Star,01/09/14) The comments of Nicky Morgan, calling for teachers to be "more professional", of course, are galling, especially from  the minister presiding over a school system employing thousands of unqualified teachers. The lack of  understanding of this privately-educated, corporate lawyer is self-evident, but her remark that teachers are as unpopular as politicians not only beggars belief, but indicates the sort of company she is keeping! Has there ever been a greater need for an education secretary who can empathise and identify with the needs of the teaching profession?  What education needs is well-trained, qualified teachers, who are given the resources necessary to maximise the potential of their pupils. Teachers need to work in the knowledge not only that a "level playing field" exists for all of their students, but that they themselves are appreciated by the society they serve, suitably rewarded for their efforts, and that, if inspected, they obtain fairness in judgement, and constructive advice if needed. They need to know, too, that the Secretary of State is aware of the problems involved in modern teaching, has the experience and expertise to solve them, and meets regularly with teaching union representatives to ensure solutions are practical, and further industrial action unnecessary. After a sixty hour working week, teachers do not expect or deserve media reports of ignorant politicians` criticisms.
      The article also included the unfortunate description of some universities as "elite". Oh dear, was there no room to insert what you must have meant, "so-called"? There is growing evidence which shows that academic and teaching standards at many of what you might consider "lesser" universities are on a par with those in the Russell group. Such negligence on your part makes you sound almost as bigoted as the idiotic Tory, Nick Gibb, whose preference for Oxbridge graduates teaching without PGCE qualifications, is yet another obvious reason to get rid of this obnoxious government as soon as possible.

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