Saturday, 27 December 2014

Lib Dem duplicity knows no bounds!

The duplicity of the Lib Dems knows no bounds! Not only does Osborne`s "loyal ally" and right hand man Alexander suddenly realise how near is the election and turn on his boss, the party leader suggests, according to the Independent (24/12/14) their record of a "stronger economy" and "a fairer society" will prevent Labour taking his Sheffield seat next May. With the recent data from the Office for National Statistics challenging  the extent of the economic recovery, and everyone`s common sense disputing any existence of fairness in coalition policies, Clegg`s desperation is obvious. Who will forget that it was Clegg, two and a half years into his unprincipled alliance with the Tories, who said that it was time to "hardwire some fairmess" into government policies?
     He has even resorted to blaming Labour again  for the economic "mess", when only a few months ago, in efforts to display his statesmanship, he stated that it had been "greed" which "brought a banking collapse and misery and hardship"! Under his leadership, there is little chance of the party regaining the trust of young people after their notorious tripling of tuition fees, and hopefully the election will see their total collapse, necessitating a complete overhaul. 


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  1. Clegg has destroyed a once valuable party, offering a frequently necessary spur to Labour's conscience, from the Left. He's consigned it to obscurity, probably for a generation, which is a shame; but if he loses his seat, it would be only as much as he deserves.