Saturday, 20 December 2014

Morning Star letter on London`s apartheid

The news that "low-income families are being forced out of central London" because of "soaring rents" and "benefit cuts" comes as no surprise, just as there can be no shock to discover a pledge by the duplicitous mayor Johnson, that "families would not be evicted", to be worthless. (Morning Star,15/12/14) The London Assembly Labour spokesperson was right to say that, if this continues, "central London will become the reserve of the privileged", because that, clearly, is the Tory plan. This form of economic apartheid has been evident since the departure of Livingstone who at least attempted social mix, with his "pepperpot"policy of social housing mixed in with other accommodation. Workers are obviously using public transport to reach their low-paid cleaning, maintenance, service, nursing, caring and teaching jobs, reminiscent of the black workers being "bussed in " from their shanty townships in the days of apartheid in South Africa.
    How disgraceful that such policies are evident in the 6th richest country in the world! Labour has to promise more than rent caps if such practice is to be eliminated!


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