Saturday, 25 April 2015

Brief comment on Miliband`s foreign policy

Whilst Miliband is correct to criticise Cameron`s foreign policy as "small-minded isolationism", it is difficult to see Labour`s "hard-headed multiculturalism" as being much different. (Cameron a pessimistic isolationist,24/04/15) Will Miliband, for example, commit the UK to an independent policy which does not follow US policies unfailingly, whilst simultaneously supporting Israel? Will he open the future of Trident to a public debate, or even have the courage to recognise officially the massacre of 1.5m Armenians as "genocide", something which 25 countries have already done, excluding naturally the US and Israel. Time to end this ridiculous triple alliance!    
  Miliband could even show bottle and stand up to Merkel by supporting Greece`s claims for war reparations, and whilst at it, commit a Labour government to the return of the Parthenon marbles to their rightful owners.


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