Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Why Tories cannot admit the truth

Of course, as the Institute for Fiscal Studies says, the Tories are misleading voters "about the level of cuts they plan to make" should our worst nightmares come true and Cameron is returned to power for another five years. They are past masters at ignoring empirical evidence, drawing up over-ambitious plans for deficit reduction, and denying their failures and callousness, so it is no surprise that they give a "misleading impression".
   They admit to £12bn of welfare cuts and £13bn of savings from government departments, but refrain from adding such details as:
reductions in child benefit
lower housing benefit for the millions in low pay, living in private accommodation with exorbitant rent
yet more cuts and suffering for those receiving incapacity benefit
         Labour should be making more out of this, warning that Tory plans to reduce government spending to levels last seen in the 1930s has less to do with deficit reduction than the ideological desire to shrink the state and achieve their aim of a low pay, low tax economy. A return to the 19th century system of laissez-faire is on the cards, with yet more increases in the gap between rich and poor, and unregulated exploitation of the working people. There is no such thing as "compassionate conservatism"! And as for the rubbish spouted by Osborne about "northern powerhouses", don`t get me started!!

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