Sunday, 29 November 2015

Corbyn right on Syria

Andrew Rawnsley`s default mode is to criticise Corbyn at every opportunity, even to the extent of attempting humour at his expense, with the suggestion that the Labour leader "could maybe parachute in and make a citizen`s arrest" of any lurking "murderous jihadi" (David Cameron will most likely get agreement on taking the fight to Isis,22/11/15). No doubt, many, equally biased, neo-Blairites will have sniggered, but to ridicule Corbyn`s reluctance to accept a "shoot-to-kill" at all costs policy displays as much judgement as that displayed by the Labour MPs voting with the Tories merely to embarrass their own leader.   
     Total annihilation of Isis troops in the Middle East might well be a solution, but only a short-term one, likely to spawn more hatred of western values; an ideology, no matter how barbarous, cannot be bombed out of existence. But its bloodthirsty and psychopathic aspects need to be exposed as essentially non-Islamic for the ideology`s attraction to decline, and the best way history has shown to achieve this is by putting it on public trial, with worldwide publicity, Nuremburg style. For this to happen, Mr Rawnsley, some arrests have to be made!

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