Thursday, 3 December 2015

Guardian letter on Spoty

 Sachin Nakrani is, of course, stating the obvious when suggesting that Tyson Fury`s remarks about homosexuality and abortion "could count against him" in the voting for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, provided, that is, the public knows about them (Gloves are off as Fury and Murray enter fray for BBC Sports Personality award,01/12/15). As it is "widely recognised as being the most prestigious honour" outside the "sporting arena", the BBC`s selection panel, who drew up the shortlist for the award, should ensure it goes to a worthy winner.
     For a start, it would be helpful to know about which of the twelve love their country so much, and are so grateful for the support of their British fans, they live abroad, and pay little or no tax to the Treasury. Perhaps the Guardian could help by publishing the shortlist again, but this time placing asterisks by the names of the non doms and known tax avoiders?

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