Monday, 10 October 2016

Guardian not helping Corbyn`s cause

It is all very well for Rafael Behr to go on about, yet again, Corbyn`s "personal ratings being amongst the worst ever recorded", but is it any wonder (The schism at the heart of Corbynism is now clearly visible,28/09/16)? Even in a left-leaning paper like the Guardian, how rarely does a front page concentrate on the failings of the Tories, rather than Corbyn`s apparent mismanagement, unelectability, poor leadership qualities, or whatever?
      At the bottom of page four, we can read of the absolutely disgraceful statistic that a mere three employers have been prosecuted out of the seven hundred who have broken the law by paying workers below the minimum wage (Under-paying bosses escape prosecution,28/09/16). Not worthy of front-page coverage? Not more important than the greed of a football manager? Then there`s the matter of May`s appalling attitude to the refugee crisis, to the gender pay gap, and to the use of arms sold to the Saudis, all the while claiming to be fighting "burning injustice", and all the while, hidden in the inner recesses of the paper.
     If the Guardian is so focused on its anti-Corbyn campaign as to let this already-appallingly duplicitous government off the hook, imagine what the Tory press are doing!


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