Saturday, 15 October 2016

Manipulation of history continues

It`s not "one particular lesson that has never been intended", as Ian Jack says in his review of Ian Cobain`s book about government secrets, more a history examination syllabus (Review, Book of the week,08/10/16)! With 1.2 million files secreted away from the prying eyes of historians at Hanslope Park, the FO official`s comment that "we are willing to learn from our history" becomes nothing less than a joke; in fact,  as unfunny as the quote by William Hague not mentioned by Jack, that it was his intention "to release every part of every paper of interest, subject to legal exemptions"!
          Such blatant manipulation of history should not be tolerated in a modern democracy. Well done, Ian Cobain, for exposing such hypocrisy, but where is the politician with sufficient bottle to make a fuss about it in parliament?

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