Sunday, 19 March 2017

Observer letter on Brexit and Tories

Tom Kibasi`s excellent analysis of the UK`s economic problems, where he supported the idea of "using Brexit as a moment to bring about the change that Britain needs", omitted one very salient point (Article 50 is upon us but neither Brexiters nor Remainers grasp the vital changes that Britain needs, 12/03/17). As the Autumn Statement and the recent budget revealed, Osborne`s misguided and unnecessary austerity policies are being continued by May`s administration, with the ultimate aim being the same as Cameron`s, to "shrink the size of the state" back to levels last seen in the 1930s, and to reduce the "so-called tax burden", as William Keegan reminded us (We all need a stiff drink to swallow Hammond`s austerity, 12/03/17). 
   It makes no sense whatsoever for the 27 EU members to offer a trade deal beneficial to the UK, as it would simply encourage Leave campaigns in their own countries, so the likely result is a deal which our government will reject. May and her ministers have already threatened that their response, in such a situation, would be to cut back even further on taxation and regulation, failing to mention that this has been their objective since 2010. They will then have an excuse both to lower corporate tax to Irish levels, and to bin workers` rights, to "attract investment".
   Brexit has played into Tory hands; this not only explains the Tories` sudden belief in the sanctity of democratic decisions, despite their willingness to break manifesto promises, but also why May is so adamant on avoiding parliamentary interference

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