Sunday, 26 March 2017

Response to Nick Cohen re Corbyn

Nick Cohen`s sneering at the leaders and "second XI" of the Labour party doesn`t do him any credit (Don`t tell me you weren`t warned about Corbyn, 19/03/17). Presumably, we should be more impressed with the millionaire Tories currently in power, with their politically opportunistic leader having her blind trust to keep her wealth hidden, the chancellor refusing to make public his tax details, and a foreign secretary prone to racist and sexist remarks? 
      Are we to assume Cohen would prefer a more moderate, centrist Labour leader, more concerned about the south-east and the City? We know how popular electorally that would be! Cohen asks whether we would "be happy to live in" a low-tax and low-regulation Britain, but clearly doesn`t understand how New Labour disappointed millions, who were, unlike its leaders, not "intensely relaxed" about the "filthy rich" getting richer. At least, Corbyn has given hope to many that fairness can exist as a political policy, that inequality can be reduced, that the NHS can be properly funded, that equality of opportunity can be re-invented as an educational objective for government. Ed Balls and Chuka Umunna so ineffectively "struck back against" the Tories` "austerity programme", it was often difficult to tell who was more in cahoots with the City!
     It`s all very well having an Observer journalist so anti-left wing, he resorts to calling many of his readers "fucking fools", and so angry he fails to check the gender of his source in Cabinet, but perhaps he would do more to earn his not inconsiderable pay by spitting his venom at the Tories. The Labour MPs, whom Cohen supports, should be doing the same; instead of "biting their tongues" they should be exposing the real party of economic incompetence, and backing policies which put fairness in society at the top of the agenda! If teachers sulked because they didn`t like their head, very few pupils would ever get taught!

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