Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Real reason for election now

Both George Eaton and Jason Cowley stressed the "propitious" circumstances, with Labour "fatally divided", and the  polls "giving the Conservatives a 21-point lead", in being important factors in influencing Theresa May`s election decision, but both omitted something equally important (Politics: The greatest gamble, and Newsmaker: The Brexit PM seeks a mandate, 21st April, 2017). The situation, both economically and socially, is going to get much worse, and by 2020, the British public would have seen through the prime minister`s duplicity.
      The hard Brexit cannot prove beneficial; EU leaders are already pointing out that conditions for an ex-member of the European club are bound to be worse than for the loyal 27. Why else would May and her ministers spend so much time globe-trotting in search of alternative trade deals? Companies are already making plans to move headquarters out of London, whilst the government`s continued austerity policy intensifies the hardship felt by many, without lowering either the debt, or the need for increased borrowing.
  Eaton did mention the "squeeze on living standards" being on its way, but nothing about May failing to put the rhetoric about helping the "just about managing" into action, despite the opportunities afforded by two budgets. She can stress the need for unity as much as she likes, but an education policy which divides pupils at eleven into successes and failures is going to fool no-one.
     Let`s face it; May is going to the polls now, because the alternative, an election in 2020, is unthinkable.


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