Wednesday, 17 May 2017

"Tax grab" misleading

Considering the relevant article on Labour`s manifesto and fiscal proposals was reported accurately and reasonably, the front-page headline, "Labour`s tax grab on the rich", gave a misleading impression (Corbyn will vow to stand up to the "rich and elite" at manifesto launch, 16/05/17). Raising tax levels on those earning in excess of three times the national average, or taxing the very wealthy at levels 10% lower than the rate Thatcher imposed in her first budget, can hardly be seen a a "tax grab".
   Very few people in this country think that our tax system is fair, or that the rich do not contribute enough to fund essential services. Even the Institute of Directors, which demands the problem of "teacher shortage crisis" be solved, must realise that taxes have to be raised, and that those earning around the average or less simply cannot afford to pay more (Tackle teacher shortage, directors urge parties,16/05/17). Unless taxes on the rich are increased, inequality will continue to grow, and the economy will suffer. Labour needs to be supported in its attempts to transform our society into one based on fairness.

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