Sunday, 8 April 2018

Corbyn and the common good

Jason Cowley quoted the four "big questions" Michael Sandel believes "for the most part" today`s politics "fails to address" (Editor`s Note, 23 March, 2018).There is a British political leader, however, who does "attempt to address honestly" these issues, and should therefore,  according to Cowley, be on target to "win a landslide"!
    Would not huge progress towards "a just society" be made with Labour`s pledges to introduce a fairer tax system, with rich individuals and companies paying more, and a significant increase in the minimum wage? Similarly, the question about the "common good" is hardly being ignored when such topics as selling arms to dictators, increased diplomacy rather than knee-jerk reaction, gender issues and increased spending on health and education are high on the list of Corbyn`s priorities.
         It has also been made quite clear, on the subject of the "role of the markets" that more regulations are needed, as are rent controls and some nationalisation; there is clearly no room for free-market capitalism, or should that be "crony capitalism", in Corbyn`s Britain. As for the question  of being a citizen, what could be more pertinent than his determination to confront tax evasion and avoidance, to make it absolutely clear what the duty of citizenship involves.
    With such policies, Corbyn inevitably attracts unfair criticism from the right-wing media, so it is essential the New Statesman increases its support.  By all means, analyse his policies and evaluate their effects, but work with Labour to rescue this country from the disastrous effects of yet more years of callous Tory rule.

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