Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Monet for nothing!

Charging £22 for tickets to the new Claude Monet exhibition at the National Gallery naturally fuels the argument that there exists a "two-tier system", with only the very well-off being able to "afford special exhibitions" (All about the Monet: £22 tickets reignite row over gallery prices, 07/04/18). Free entry to exhibitions is clearly "not the way" the Gallery operates, as its director, with an annual salary of over £150,000, states, but, whilst Mark Knopfler might well nearly have said "Monet for nothing, and the tickets are free", £10 entrance charges should not be out of the question.
     Of course, the 30% cuts to the Arts Council budget have not been helpful, but the National Gallery, nevertheless, has acquired reserves of nearly £220million. Not only should these be used to lower prices to enable a wider audience to see pictures which, for most taxpayers, are still "impossible to see", but also to put on the same exhibitions in parts of the country other than London! 

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