Tuesday, 15 May 2018

"Repugnant" sums up this government

Your excellent editorial rightly pointed out both how Theresa May has reneged on every one of her pledges made in her first speech as prime minister, and how it is clear that "her political strategy hinges on the exact antithesis" of fighting "burning injustices" (The Tories` search for scapegoats is repugnant, 29.04.18). It is not only "repugnant", however, to blame the country`s problems on "people sponging off the system", but short-sighted; not only are the scapegoats "imaginary", continuing this unnecessary policy of austerity damages the economy. The least fortunate spend all of their money, in order to survive, so reducing benefits and cutting jobs reduces demand in the local economy, whilst cutting taxes for the rich, who spend a much smaller proportion of their earnings, simply creates more money available to be stashed away in bank accounts, often for reasons of tax avoidance or evasion.
     What the editorial also failed to mention was that by harping on about "the undeserving", government ministers create an excuse for not dealing with the real problems which blight our society, the growing inequality, the lack of investment and regulation, and the gross underfunding of our education, health and caring services. A government which is deliberately causing "immeasurable human suffering" is itself deserving of the adjective "repugnant", and all Labour MPs should be uniting to remove one of the most objectionable governments in recent history from office.

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