Monday, 10 February 2020

The arrogance of Cummings

Like, I suspect, the majority of Guardian readers, I began reading Stefan Collini`s article with interest, soon resorted to scanning, and gave up after reading four lines from the "representative example" of Cummings`s "forays into the world of ideas" (Inside the mind of Dominic Cummings, 06/02/20). It`s clearly not only his dress sense, in Zoe Williams's words, "cold-climate skater chic", which demonstrates his extreme arrogance!

 Now, at least, we know why his advice to Gove led to the most obviously unnecessary examination and assessment reforms, why the Leave campaign was based on lies and disingenuity, and why, with his belief that politics is "still conducted with the morality and language of the simple primitive hunter-gatherer tribe", he relies, Goebbels-like, on the repetition of three or four word catchphrases to get his message across and into mainstream consciousness. How could we plebs be expected to understand it otherwise?

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