Friday, 31 January 2014

More Danish envy

As if jealousy of Denmark`s television dramas isn`t bad enough, now we find more reasons for envy. It appears the Danes are fortunate enough to have, within their coalition government, a political party refusing to be swayed by promises of future influence and power. The fact that the Socialist People`s party has left the ruling coalition over Goldman Sachs`s purchase of a 19% share in the state-owned energy company is something which we Britons can only regard with awe and admiration. A political party in a coalition government not only standing by its principles, but refusing to agree to the sale of a company owned by the people of Denmark to a greedy, tax avoiding, multinational bank, is the stuff of British dreams! Just think, if we had a principled, junior member in our coalition, how different things would look: Royal Mail would not have been sold, let alone undersold by £3,2bn, welfare cuts would not have hurt the weakest, tax reductions would not have benefitted the obscenely rich, education would not be heading for a two-tiered system, and the NHS would be safe from privatisation. How they still have the nerve to call themselves Liberal Democrats, when every vestige of liberalism has been betrayed, is beyond belief.

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