Friday, 31 January 2014

University reform to aid social mobility

Both Fiona Millar ( The Sutton Trust`s "radical"  idea for schools is anything but, 12/06/12) and Roger Brown  (Social mobility: the waffle and hypocrisy, 12/06/12) correctly identify the main reasons for social mobility, the predominance of the middle class in the "top" universities, and the continued existence of private schools with their charitable status and VAT exemption. Is not a sensible solution therefore, as only 7% of pupils are privately educated, to impose a similar percentage limit for the intake of new students at all universities? With Oxbridge and co. no longer dominated by the rich, the invidious practice of dismissing interviewees because of their background, accents and other "contextual data", would end, as would both the "stratification" in the education system which is so insulting to, not only Roger Brown, but to most people employed in education, and the social networking and "jobs for posh boys" mentality which precludes the majority from so many professions.Whilst such an idea would appall, no doubt, the likes of Gove and Clegg, would not its adoption by Labour show that there was a political party in Britain intent on ending the stranglehold the rich have on this country, and actually prepared to put its money where its mouth is?

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