Saturday, 18 January 2014

Why would anyone vote Lib Dem?

    The Independent is absolutely right to criticise Clegg for his "lamentable" handling of the complaints against Lord Rennard,  but it does beg the question: why has it taken so long?  Cameron and Osborne frequently resort to U-turns, as we see this week over the minimum wage, when they know they face a real possibility of election defeat,but they can`t hold a candle to Clegg in his efforts to stave off electoral humiliation. Not content in digging a hole for himself with his attempts, last month, to defend the honour of politicians in the wake of criticism from Paxman, he then had  the temerity to front the coalition`s attack on Boris Johnson for his "greed is good" speech, Cameron`s patsy to the last. He attacked Johnson for suggesting "we should give up on a whole swath of fellow citizens", without seeming to realise that is exactly what he and his coalition colleagues did by giving their support to Gove`s examination changes, which in the long term will lead to a two-tier system of education! It`s hard to believe the Deputy Prime Minister seems unaware of the hurt his government`s austerity policies have caused, but this is the same man who, after three years of being in  government, declared it was time to "hardwire fairness" into policies! He continues to talk as if the inequality this government has increased and encouraged has nothing to do with him; supporting the living wage is all very well but has he instigated any policy to make it compulsory, and why not two years ago? "Greed", he says, "brought a banking collapse and misery and hardship", yet for three and a half years he`s joined in with the Tory propaganda blaming the Labour government`s spending and borrowing for causing the problems. 

     Now, we have him passing the buck, lacking not only principles, but leadership too! How anyone could even think of voting for his party, with him at the helm, is amazing; how Labour could be thinking of a coalition with him, fifteen months before the election, is beyond understanding! 

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