Sunday, 2 February 2014

Gove`s behavioural issues

In view of the Education Secretary`s interest in improving behaviour, this quiz question seems appropriate:


To whom was the Speaker referring when he had to call "Order" to stop the "Prime Minister`s Questions" session on 13th June 2012, because it was so rowdy, and proceedings were being disrupted? The Speaker`s words were:
"I am really very worried about the conduct of the ............Secretary. In the average classroom, he would have been excluded by now. He must calm himself".(Hansard,13/06/12)


The Minister who, not content with blaming teachers for pupils` poor behaviour, is intent on reducing their pay with year on year pay freezes, ending the national pay structure of teachers, allowing non-qualified teachers in our state schools, and has even used flawed data to accuse them of failing the children of this country by not raising standards.The same one, of course, who intends to take the examination system back to the 1950s, introduce a two-tiered system of secondary education, and cares not a jot about social mobility.
Who could it be?  Perhaps we`ll soon be seeing him and the other misbehaving MPs collecting the litter outside the House of Commons!

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