Monday, 17 February 2014

Suggestions to change the banking culture

 If the CEOs of banks really wanted to reform their "culture", they could do the following:
   Ensure all investment bankers do annual work-experience, shadowing for a week a nurse, carer, or state school teacher, to witness at first hand, how compassionate, considerate and patient "best people" are, despite their long hours, working for rewards bankers and their ilk would describe as "chickenfeed". 
   Review their recruitment policy. It is obvious that the schools and universities from where the current batch of bankers come, are not producing the graduates with the "character" and attributes necessary to end both the fleecing of customers, and the production-line of banking scams.

    Alternatively, of course, the government could step in. As tax-paying "shareholders" of RBS and Lloyds, do we not have a right to be angry, and to expect our government to order the necessary action be taken forthwith?

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