Monday, 3 February 2014

Gove`s on another bandwagon

Gove is still employing the same tactics, though clearly not the same people, as he has done from the start of his tenure. He began by jumping on a populist bandwagon about GCSE examinations being too easy, and proceeded, without evaluating the empirical evidence and listening to the experts, to change the assessment procedure to suit his ideological ends. This time it`s a different bandwagon, and has the additional bonus of detracting media attention from his attempts to "politicise Ofsted". Whilst his focus on pre-GCSE examinations will renew fears of a return to selection, his "advice" on discipline coincides conveniently with a popular television series where clearly increased viewing figures have been deemed far more important than accuracy, when portraying education in state secondary schools. If Gove wants to "tear down the Berlin Wall separating private and state schools" he could start by, first addressing the funding per pupil, £6,350 in state schools as opposed to £1,1510 in private day schools, and then impose VAT on school fees!  
   When Gove bemoans the lack of discipline in schools, a memorable interruption by the Speaker at Prime minister`s Questions always springs to mind: "I am really very worried about the conduct of the Education Secretary. In the average classroom, he would have been excluded by now. He must calm himself".(Hansard,13/06/12)

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