Sunday, 31 August 2014

Cameron`s holiday policy best option

With Lynton Crosby advising Cameron to avoid television debates in the build-up to the election, it seems an eminently sensible political move by the Prime Minister to strive to become "one of history`s most fearless vacationers", as Catherine Bennett described in the Observer last week. Back in Downing Street, he is likely to be asked about his policies, which can only lead to embarrassing answers, and consequently, further slumps in the opinion polls. With so many crises in the Middle East, questions would be directed towards his foreign policy, and waffly rhetoric attempting to disguise the "follow America`s lead, support Israel but criticise all other terrorism" answer would not go down well.
         Questions of a more domestic nature, with further public sector strikes in the pipeline, and more trouble brewing around welfare reforms, the NHS, and prison conditions, will cause as much consternation. Obfuscation will be Cameron`s first resort, hiding the true policy of taking the state back to levels last seen in 1948! Adding snippets about a low wage economy, zero hours` contracts and reduced taxes for the well-off would only add to his woes.
      Staying "no more than a few feet away from a rock pool" might well be his only hope!

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