Monday, 11 August 2014

Response to ConservativeHome`s support for Cameron

So ConservativeHome thinks that Cameron was right not to criticise Israel over its onslaught against Gaza, because to do otherwise would have shown him to be a "follower, not a statesman". Presumably, it is statesmanlike to stand by your allies and continue to sell them arms, regardless of the thousands of needless deaths they cause, and the war crimes they seem to commit? How Cameron`s refusal to speak out against Israeli atrocities, because of a fear of offending some of his party`s main donors, can be classed as "statesmanlike" beggars belief!
      Being a "statesman" must also entail allowing your party to accept huge donations from known tax avoiders, whilst claiming to the public that tax avoidance is "morally wrong", and also claiming in your election manifesto that there will be "no NHS top-down reorganisation" and "no VAT increase", whilst doing the exact opposite when given the chance. Hopefully, the electorate will have a different definition of "statesman" in mind from the Conservative one, and act accordingly, in May 2015.

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