Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Tory policy on Gaza

It took over three weeks of unabated murder and war crimes, the deaths of 1800 Palestinians and countless numbers of injured and displaced Gazans, but at least Baroness Warsi finally did the right thing and "stormed out of office over David Cameron`s morally indefensible position" on the Israeli attack. (Morning Star,06/08/14) Labour, of course, was "quick to show its support" for Ms Warsi, but it had taken until last Saturday for Miliband to declare unequivocally that Israel`s military actions were "wrong and unjustifiable".The question which has to be asked is: "how many UN protected schools and hospitals have to be shelled before action becomes wrong?" Is there a red line? Two or three okay, but above that "unjustifiable"?
     Very revealing was Osborne`s comment on the Warsi resignation; according  to him, it was "disappointing and unnecessary"! So, no matter how strong principles are, taking action because of them is needless. This explains why tax avoidance, which he described as "morally repugnant" has not been tackled by this government!
    Pathetic attempts by Tory politicians to describe Israeli actions as anything other than "disproportionate" were matched by Cameron`s reluctance to say anything remotely anti-Israel. Fear of upsetting rich Tory donors and supporters of the Tory party is the obvious reason for this, especially as party funds prior to the election are low. They all remember, of course, the "opprobrium poured all over" Hague and Cameron when they had dared called Israel`s action in 2006 in Lebanon "disproportionate"! 

    However, now that his rival, Boris Johnson has muttered some inanities on the subject, real action fron the PM is expected!  No doubt, he`ll cut short his holiday and announce some extra aid for Gaza, whilst making sure he does absolutely nothing to offend his pro-Israeli paymasters!

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