Monday, 27 July 2015

Bercow`s hypocrisy should not go unpunished

 Greg Hands has surely made the understatement of the year with his comment that "All MPs should be setting a better example than this when it comes to spending public money" (Bercow lands taxpayer with £172 bill for chauffeur-driven trip of less than a mile,25/07/15). The Speaker`s disgraceful disregard for Parliament`s reputation, and the huge hypocrisy he has shown by lecturing on the need for parliament "to ensure it is a credible institution" beggar belief. It would be interesting to discover how many afternoons he spent watching the tennis during Wimbledon fortnight, for he was certainly not presiding over the Budget proceedings, nor over the debate the following day, when he was photographed at the tennis, sitting behind fellow MP John Whittingdale. I am sure Bercow`s constituents will be interested in such details about their MP`s work output just weeks before his massively long summer break, not to mention the announcement of a significant pay rise. Delegating your work to a deputy so that you can spend the afternoon at one of the world`s premier sporting events sounds like the action of a skiver to me! Any public disgrace coming Bercow`s way sounds as though it`s fully deserved. I`m surprised there are no calls for his resignation as there are for the deputy Speaker at the House of Lords!

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