Sunday, 12 July 2015

Europe needs to do more to contain Germany

Fintan O`Toole is absolutely right to say that Europe has changed since the Cold War; no longer is it deemed necessary to "compete with communism on its own terms", and with the lack of a perceived enemy, it seems perfectly acceptable for the Greek people to be left to suffer (Europe was once a story we all believed in. It was about solidarity and security. When did we stop believing?05/07/15).
  The truth is, of course, that the European people are being tricked by conservative politicians and monetarists into believing that deficits need instant reduction, only achievable by austerity, with opposition parties in general, unwilling to appear spendthrift despite the vital need for investment in infrastructure. Why doesn`t the Labour party, for instance, at least show an inkling of solidarity with the Greeks? If there is, as O`Toole suggests, a "need to contain Germany", why isn`t some of the blame for the Greeks` predicament being put at the German door? Didn`t they encourage the lending of billions to Greece and other poorer states so that German goods could be bought? Wasn`t it Germany who sold tanks and submarines to the Greeks, but who, restricted in their own arms expenditure for obvious reasons, kept the lid on their own defence requirements?
 Similarly, the Italian Prime minister Renzi has to do more than just rebuke fellow EU leaders for their pathetic "voluntary plan" to deal with the migrant and refugee crisis, when it is left to the countries with the weakest economies to take the majority of the fleeing people. Sensible politicians would not allow Germany to give the austerity orders without taking responsibilty. Further irony is added when one considers what effect German-inspired policies will have on the polling potential of Greece`s neo-nazi party, Golden Dawn!

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