Wednesday, 22 July 2015

In praise of Maxine Peake

Well done again, Maxine Peake! Not only does she deliver yet another brilliant, "mind-blowing performance" in Caryl Churchil`s play, The Skriker, as she did two years ago in the "Masque of Anarchy" about the  Peterloo massacre, she rightly attacks Labour leadership candidate, Liz Kendall, for her focus on "aspirational middle-class voters" (Morning Stars, 8th and 11th July,2015). The Blairite nonsense about Labour losing the election, because of offering inadequate policies to wavering Tory voters keen on making their first million, needs to be kicked into touch along with the insufficiently "pro-business" rubbish; Labour must never try to out-Tory the Conservatives on winning over the CBI. Unsurprisingly, given Maxine`s socialist principles, like the rest of us she sees Jeremy Corbyn as "a beacon of hope to get the Labour party back on track". Apparently, when asked about her views on the TV series, Game of Thrones, her reply was that she hadn`t seen it, "obviously"; she would never subscribe to a television network owned by Rupert Murdoch! What a change to have such a talent proud of her background and political roots.
       By the way, Morning Star writers may think that Maxine rose to fame "portraying working-class life" in Dinner Ladies and Shameless, but in our house she was already a star for her role in the brilliant "Early Doors"!

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