Friday, 18 December 2015

Beatle song titles

Funny how at least 15 Beatles song titles can come together in a brief G2 article yesterday. (Science papers - another cite of Bob Dylan, 16/12/15). Don't ask me why but for no one to notice is something else!
      It is correct, is it not? A second time, consecutively, in the Letters page on the same topic is well nigh impossible, or so they tell me (Letters,17/12/15). Why is this? All I`ve got to do is imitate what you`re doing, yes?
       It is, apparently, something you can`t do. That there`s a place for hiding Beatle song titles in a newspaper is incontrovertible, and I want to tell you it`s in the readers` contribution section; in fact, I will. If you want help in this, there`s no need to act. Naturally, I want to be your man, and that`s that! It`s not the end, as if!
     I fell foul of the readers` editor the night before last. I should have known better than to have suggested such a revolution!
      Now here`s a quiz you can do any time. 
 At all Christmas gatherings I`ve got a feeling it will go down well, some joy, some misery. Why?As Tesco nearly always says, because every little thing helps at Christmas. Something to indulge in.
My life history shows many festive occasions need  such party-starters.  I would love you to try to find as many different Beatle song titles as you can, all together, now, or on your own.
    Thank you and good night. That`s all from me.
To you a very happy Christmas.

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