Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Morning Star letter on BBC`s Spoty

Kadeem Simmonds raised some excellent points in his article on the different reactions in the press to Vardy and Fury, the former a "goalscoring, abusive narcissist" and the latter a world champion, bigoted homophobe (Morning Star,03/12/15). Simmonds strangely made no reference to Fury`s inclusion in the shortlist for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, or to the possible effect his homophobic comments will have on the public`s voting. No matter how good the sporting achievement, the award does explicitly stress it is for "sports personality", and it`s about time, especially considering how prestigious and coveted the trophy has become, that the media provided us with rather more pertItinent details about all those on the shortlist.
       It would certainly be helpful to know about which of the twelve love their country so much, and are so grateful for the support of their British fans, they live abroad, and pay little or no tax to the Treasury. How many say they owe so much to the time and patience of their teachers, but who nevertheless contribute to the £40bn of unpaid, avoided taxes every year, money which could ensure the provision of better facilities and coaching for millions of young people in this country?  Perhaps the Morning Star could help by publishing the BBC`s shortlist, providing readers with details of the names of the non doms and known tax avoiders? Such action by the press would surely have altered the final result last year!


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