Saturday, 9 January 2016

1009 runs - really heroic!

Rather than sing the praises of the teenager in India who scored "1009 not out while batting for KC Gandi School", perhaps the press should be concentrating more on an analysis of the actual details (Morning Star,06/01/16)? At least the Star only reported the facts, though it did omit some important ones.
      Is it really such a fine achievement when one considers that the opposition team from Arya Gurukul school, in an under-16 league, had to put out a younger team, because the older boys were taking examinations? Should this have become one of the headline sports news of the day, featuring on television and radio programmes, and even in the Guardian editorial, the day after? In the first day`s play, Pranav Dhanawade had scored 652, already breaking the record set way back in 1899 of 628, off a mere 199 balls; by the end, his score came off only 327 deliveries, nearly a four a ball.
 What was the point of inflicting such punishment on little boys? What were the teachers thinking of, when they should have announced a declaration much, much earlier?
Imagine if your son was one of the many bowlers, obviously a victim of bullying, not by the batsman, but by the teachers in charge! Even in boxing, the referee can step in to avoid further punishment! Hopefully, those parents will all complain, to whatever authorities they deem culpable.
    This is one so-called "sporting" record, of which no-one can be proud, including those in the media who have marvelled at the performance; what is there to marvel about in such a "turkey shoot"? The Guardian may describe Pranav as "the thousand run hero", but many will disagree.


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