Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Dan Jarvis feared by Tories?

Is Dan Jarvis really "seen as the leader the Tories fear most" (Saturday interview,09/01/16)? Even a "former major who has fought in several war zones" has to have policies and ideas more likely to appeal to an electorate clearly fed up with, as Jarvis himself said, "more of the same".
It is precisely because Corbyn "represents something quite different" that he is being attacked so viciously by the right-wing press; his proposals would actually transform our society. Why are the Tories so intent on reducing the franchise, with their individual registration requirements which will affect non-Tory voters principally, if they do not see Corbyn`s Labour  as a real threat? Why are they openly attacking what Cameron calls a "core British value", democracy, with their constituency boundary changes, and reductions in "short money" to rival parties, when the Opposition is so "unelectable"?  

 The answer is obvious, and it`s clear from the interview that Jarvis is beginning to realise that a Labour party under the leadership of Jeremy Cobyn has a real opportunity to "renew itself", and win in 2020.

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