Tuesday, 12 January 2016

d`Ancona a disgrace

Matthew d`Ancona won`t approve, but as a Guardian reader of too many years to remember exactly, I confess I am not "unburdened by anti-Tory prejudice" (Hunt can take on the doctors by showing he`s for the NHS,11/01/16). My bias is not the result of blinkered asessment of Tory policies, but of first-hand experience of, and observation over many years.Teaching in  state schools under Conservative governments, with the consequent shortage of teaching materials, low pay and morale, whilst observing the unfairness of Tory policies, unnecessary and inequitable austerity measures, and the failure to apply a fair system of taxation and regulations to prevent inequality increasing by the day, gives me every right to take an anti-Tory stance. I do not need to be told, by a Guardian writer of all people, that I am unable to view "the junior doctors` strike" without prejudice.
    d`Ancona would do well to take heed of the basic message in Zoe Williams`s column; David Cameron already has his "detractors" silenced by the Barclay brothers and Rupert Murdoch, and by contraventions of "the BBC`s duty of impartiality", so another pro-Tory article in a left-leaning newspaper is hardly necessary (Labour`s disputes should not always be seen as chaos,11/01/16). Bring on Williams`s "meaningful reporting", which solicits "both sides of the argument"; anyone who can seriously suggest that this government will "bulldoze the worst sink estates", and provide "decent housing " instead, simply has not been studying the empirical evidence, a symptom, I believe, of being burdened with a very severe case of pro-Tory prejudice!


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