Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Fairer income tax

What a good idea from Steve Richards (We`re asking the wrong referendum question, 27/01/16). Rather than ask whether "voters will back a tax rise... in order to pay for health and elderly care", wouldn`t it be better to ask if they would support a tax rise for the rich, "specified in detail", for the NHS?
      It always seems strange to me that those earning £40+K pay income tax at the same rate as those earning £149K. New tax bands at 40% for those earning over £100K, 50% over £150K, 55% over £200K, and 60% over £250K would provide much needed funds for the NHS, and prove popular, simply on the grounds of fairness, in a referendum on the subject of funding. As Richards says, it would be "about the voters and what they expect a government to deliver".

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