Tuesday, 2 February 2016


All Labour supporters will have been impressed with Corbyn`s performances at the weekly PMQs, though it would make more sense for his backbenchers to leave the Tories to look foolish on their own; let them behave like naughty schoolboys as they are clearly good at it! There are, perhaps, two things the Labour leader could keep up his sleeve. There must be somewhere rules about how every PMQs` session should progress, which will include details of the answering procedure, and how the PM`s response should be directly related to the question; at some stage Corbyn could read these out loud, particularly after yet another Cameron carefully rehearsed "answer" failing to deal with the question asked.
 Probably, Corbyn`s best approach would be to cover three issues in his allowed six questions, starting this week with the fact that the PM and Osborne seem to have different views about Google`s "sweetheart deal", allowing the multinational its own corporate tax level of around 3%. Cameron`s responses can surely be anticipated, so after the second fudge on the issue, Corbyn should have at his disposal, facts or quotes which can embarrass the government; once given, they can be followed up with the next question, so preventing Cameron having the last word on the subject, something he clearly relishes.
    The Labour team must know Cameron will avoid answering directly any question, so devoting more than two questions to a relevant issue appears pointless; other topics ripe for questioning include the "jungle" at Calais, though Tories may have acted to prevent such embarrassment by Wednesday, the £490m deal for Spanish trains rather than giving the contract to the UK`s train manufacturer, Bombadier, G4S`s abuse of government contracts, and the Centre for Studies`s report on low wage, high welfare economies which makes a joke of the Tories` plan for a "northern powerhouse".

     The calm approach should continue; Cameron can be embarrassed without Corbyn having to sink to the PM`s level!

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