Sunday, 7 February 2016

Rawnsley and Corbyn

Andrew Rawnsley couldn`t quite bring himself to admit it (Politicians need to get off their knees with the likes of Google,31/01/16). After a whole article devoted to explaining why "such intense outrage...has welled up" over the existence of "one rule for the hyper-rich and another rule for everyone else", he was forced to confess that it has given "lift-off" to the "populist parties" of the likes of Donald Trump and Bernie Saunders. What Rawnsley couldn`t manage was to say that it is also one of the major reasons for not only the popularity of Jeremy Corbyn, but also his electability in 2020. Not surprising really in view of the fact that he has written about little else, other than Corbyn handing the Tories election victory on a plate, for the past twenty weeks or so.

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