Friday, 3 June 2016

Labour needs to take advantage of Tory chaos

Charley Allan is right to say that Labour must take "maximum advantage of current Tory traumas", and that that means drawing a line "under last year`s unpleasantness" (Morning Star, 30/05/16). It also, of course, involves ignoring the right-wing nonsense spouted by Tristram Hunt, something that the party should have been doing for years.
Patience is of the essence, here; let the Tories commit hari-kari, allow the gaps to widen, the insults to multiply, and the rift to become deeper with every passing day. Chaos in the Tory party following a Brexit victory, or even a narrow win for Remain, will almost certainly lead to a split in the Conservative party along 1846 lines, and will be deemed just desserts for the unnecessary hardship they have caused. When the Tories split in comparable fashion, over the repeal of the Corn Laws, with the Boris Johnson role played by the similarly unprincipled and ambitious Benjamin Disraeli, there was a gap of twenty eight years before a Tory prime minister managed a majority government!
    Corbyn is no fool; he clearly realises too much involvement in this civil war amongst the Tories would damage his credibility, and he will certainly not make the mistake Sadiq Khan has already made and share a platform with an extremist by the name of Cameron..

A wise decision; the way things are going, a general election is looking a lot nearer than 2020.

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